Pro Prone Proclivity to prolonged procrastination.

Oh yeah !!

Landed over this daily prompt page topic [Proclivity ] from nowhere as I happened to see it as  a bookmark while  I was hoping to find something more important which I barely remember now .

Thought of writing on this like  an hour ago, did some digging on what is what ,how it works for another half an hour, then when I finally put myself together to cautiously create creative content…..  hour of hunger reminded me of cooking lunch and I ended up chopping cucumbers and carrots like a crooked cook.


So this is me proclivity to be   Miss.Lost and Found always..

After I watched a comedy video of Ellen DeGeneres on procrastination  I understood more about myself that I barely understand anything about me as most of the time  is spent on wondering where I actually wanted to be and what I initially wanted to do.

Every time I   make  an attempt  to cut that proclivity to be procrastinated from that designated task or planned destination I forget the fact  that I had decided to do so.

So Moment of truth: How many of you relate to this ?

If you  are nodding your head as left and right “NO ,I don’t !!”

 That is like a pat on my back because , it gives me hope and happiness that somebody somewhere is actually interested in reading what I have  written with my little creative brain and you did not just randomly end up here like I do many times at many places.:)

Like all human habits procrastination isn’t all bad if it’s in limits.Just that you need to wake up and press that F5(Refresh)  button on the top of your head now and then to be on track  of your life…




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