Scene 1

Every day rising new with a bright sun rising as if I am born  just now and was dead last night after living same old life with frustrations,pollution,traffic world of show off  with all most everything artificial and superficial from mother’s care changed to Day-Care and home food to packaged food with foil paper promising to be fresh as if its  just cooked …

Daily ride to office there’s lot to see and learn from the world around me if my day has started out well , I see birds preparing to leave from nest happily without worrying about which route to take to avoid traffic or which pair of shoes to go with  for this casual wear or planning  which story to throw  as it would go perfect at that moment when I reach late to the meeting.

Young mama’s with messy hair, and few (inevitably)responsible dad’s with a crushed  T-Shirt pulled from some corner of the house with an hurriedly pulled up night pants here and there forcefully coming to drop their kids to school they look more sad   than those little one s who are  up early morning in this cozy cold weather  ready and running  for school  .

Even this deadly polluted city is indeed a pleasant sight  in this foggy morning.



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